Edition Naam - The spiritual publishing house

About Edition Naam GmbH

Edition Naam GmbH was founded in 1993 with the objective to publish practice-oriented audiovisual media related to the subject of spirituality.

You will find media containing teachings as ancient as mankind itself, introducing a practical spiritual path which enables discovery of the whole range of possibilities as human beings, and aims at the welfare of the whole creation. Based on the ethical values of respect, trust and love, the authors address people of all cultures and religions. The subjects cover existential vital issues, as well as the way of implementing the spiritual practice in everyday life.

In appreciation of these spiritual teachings, the partners of Edition Naam GmbH do not wish to achieve income or other personal gains from their participation. For this reason, the statutes stipulate that there will be no distribution of profits, but that any profit be exclusively reinvested in the publishing house or donated to non-profit associations and organizations.

It is our aspiration to publish our range of products with an expanding linguistic diversity and the aim of customizing our products for a wider distribution.

Wishing you a pleasant visit to our website and joy and inspiration at browsing our product range.