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Taganrog, 1.-3.9.05, 8.9.05

Taganrog, 1.-3.9.05, 8.9.05

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Sant Baljit Singh, 1.-3.9.2005, 8.9.2005 Taganrog, Russia

01.09.2005: Soul can only be realized through meditation. Meditation is a must to control your mind.

02.09.2005: We will only be comfortable in our true home on the fifth plane. Meditation is a day-to-day journey. Travelling back to your true home. After you become one with Father God, there is no separation thereafter. Make your body and mind still. Food for the soul is meditation only.

03.09.2005: As soul, you are all-powerful and you can demand anything. You are made to live in the kingdom of God. You are to make use of the knowledge imparted to you.

08.09.2005: Your relationship with the Master and God is a holy relationship. Meditation is a supreme rest. Make use of this material world to achieve in the spiritual world. The material world doesn´t exist anywhere, but it exists in your mind. Mind has to support your Meditation. The real richness.

2 Audio-CDs, 96 Minutes

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