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Taganrog, Russia, 01.-03.+08.09.2005

Taganrog, Russia, 01.-03.+08.09.2005

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Sant Baljit Singh, Russia, Taganrog, September 01-03th and 08th, 2005

01.09.2005: Soul can only be realized through meditation. Meditation is a must to control your mind.

02.09.2005: We will only be comfortable in our true home on the fifth plane; meditation is a day-to-day journey, travelling back to your true home; after you become one with Father God, there is no separation thereafter; make your body and mind still; food for the soul is meditation only

03.09.2005: As soul, you are all-powerful and you can demand anything; you are made to live in the kingdom of God; you are to make use of the knowledge imparted to you.

08.09.2005: Your relationship with the Master and God is a holy relationship; meditation is a supreme rest; make use of this material world to achieve in the spiritual world; the material world doesnât exist anywhere, but it exists in your mind; mind has to support your meditation; the real richness

Languages: Croatian, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish

DVD, 103 minutes

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