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Loving Remembrance

Loving Remembrance

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Impressive shoots documenting Sant Kirpal Singh’s work in India, recorded in the years 1950 - 1974. The silent motion pictures have been overvoiced with Satsangs, mainly in Hindi. These historic amateur shoots are of limited picture and voice quality.

Film 1: With the Master in India (September, 1969)                     
Film 2: Sawan Ashram, Delhi (February 6/7, 1971)
Film 3: Manav Kendra, Dehradun (February, 1971)
Manav Kendra – Mussouri – Rajpur Road
Film 4: Manav Kendra, Sawan Ashram (February, 1972)
Birthday Satsang – Sawan Ashram – Meerut

1. Bhandara Satsang April 1, 1963
2. Satsang at the Dayal Singh Collage, January 22, 1955
3. Shabad Pathi Ji: Kyon Na Us De Roo Broo Gawan

Language: English

Published by: Ruhani-Satsang

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