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The Journey Within

The Journey Within

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Encounters with Sant Thakar Singh in an introductory video that explains the basic tenets of Sant Mat. Sant Mat is a well-defined, individual path that leads one directly to God. It is not dependent on extensive esoteric theory and can be followed by any man or woman, without difficulty. Sant Thakar Singh was a Master of the highest order who for 29 years brought this age-old message of love and truth to souls in over 50 countries. He was succeeded in 2005 by Master Baljit Singh. In this film, Sant Thakar Singh discusses important aspects of spiritual development, and some people who travel this path tell about their personal experiences and how Sant Mat and Sant Thakar Singh have benefited them.

Languages: English, German, Russian, Hungarian, Bulgarien, Greek, Romanian, Croatian

DVD, 55 minutes

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