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The Master: A Spiritual Preceptor

The Master: A Spiritual Preceptor

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The Master – a god-realized human being. What is his duty, his essence, his role – especially for our spiritual development? In this summary of touching and meaningful words from Sant Baljit Singh, Sant Thakar Singh and Sant Kirpal Singh you will find statements and answers to these basic questions.

Since time immemorial, at different places and in different cultures, people have been taught and guided by spiritual Masters, whose words and teachings inspire us even today. The Masters explain the real purpose of human life and provide guidance along the spiritual path to achieve this true purpose of human life. According to the spiritual path of Sant Mat, the essential ingredients for discovering our eternal essence as soul are an ethical lifestyle based on love for all, meditation on the inner Light and Sound, and the living Master of spirituality. The living Master is key for the development of the soul, as he provides the conscious connection with the inner Light and Sound and complete guidance along the way. Whoever is longing for spiritual development might be  interested in the subject matter of this book. The text is composed of excerpts from the writings and discourses of three Sant Mat Masters: Sant Kirpal Singh (1894–1974), Sant Thakar Singh
(1929–2005), and his successor, the present Master, Sant Baljit Singh (born 1962). In addition to the text, the book also has an Appendix that describes the Path of Sant Mat; gives the biographies of Sant Kirpal Singh, Sant Thakar Singh, and Sant Baljit Singh; and provides a Glossary for the reader. We invite readers to consult the Glossary whenever they encounter spiritual terminology in the text.

Authors: Sant Baljit Singh, Sant Thakar Singh, Sant Kirpal Singh

Paperback, 109 pages
ISBN: 978-3-930103-65-2

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