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The Way of Life

The Way of Life

10,50 EUR
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Product No.: 012_007_002
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Heart-to-heart-talks of Sant Thakar Singh held in Kiev 2002.
Volume 1

In these timeless spiritual talks from Lighthouse Center Oregon during the summer of 2002, Sant Thakar Singh speaks eternal truths about the human condition and how we can obtain lasting joy and peace. Each talk is a shining gem in a golden crown of jewels, and each brings to light another facet of the deepest secrets of life.
"The Life of God, which God can create anywhere, is made completely of love. Love is life. Where there is no love, one can exist - but one cannot live. These two terms are different: Existence and Life. Where there is live, there is oneness. Oneness allows us to live with full powers, with all competencies. Where love is missing, one can exist but there will always be struggles, problems and separations." Sant Thakar Singh

Author: Sant Thakar Singh

Paperback, 249 pages

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