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Pimpalner 2005, 06.-07.02.2005

Pimpalner 2005, 06.-07.02.2005

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Interview With Sant Thakar Singh
Sant Thakar Singh explains why it was so important for him to announce his successor, Sant Baljit Singh. All of God´s blessings are available from the living Master. Without a connection to the current living Master, the  devotee´s progress stops.

The Master Showers Us With Real Love
On the morning of February 6, 2005, India, Sant Baljit Singh and Sant Thakar Singh give their blessings to a crowd of 1.5 million gathered in Pimpalner, India. Sant Thakar Singh gives this short talk, introducing Sant Baljit Singh as his successor. He describes the Master´s love and explains that the Master is eternal; only the body changes. Interview February 7, 2005 & talk February 6, 2005 morning, Pimpalner, India.
DVD no. 1: Run Time: 41 minutes

Turn Your Face Toward God
Sant Baljit Singh encourages us to get out of the snare of desires and to make the best use of this life. He discusses the `spiritual thieves´ desire and greed and gives the remedy for each. At the end, Sant Thakar Singh speaks briefly and describes the Sant Baljit Singh´s ability to fulfill all spiritual wishes of the devotees.
Talk given February 6, 2005 morning, Pimpalner, India.
DVD no. 2: Run Time: 78 minutes

Become One With the Light Within
Sant Baljit Singh describes the process of spiritually evolving beyond desire, greed, ego, and attachment. He explains in depth the role of the Master in taking us beyond the illusion of duality and into the oneness of God - the ultimate truth within.
Talk given February 6, 2005 evening, Pimpalner, India.
DVD no. 3: Run Time: 86 minutes

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